Mesh Sheets


Green Product

Expanded metal is manufactured in two distinct types, Raised and Flattened. In either case, the production process brings about zero waste, with the same amount of raw material converted into the finished product and as a result, a costly recycling chain is eliminated and that is a huge step toward protecting the environment.

  • Elimination of fuel consumption and pollution due to the transportation of waste to recycling centers.
  • Elimination of energy consumption and pollution (melting furnaces and industrial wastewater disposal) due to recycling center activity.

For these reasons, in comparison with similar products (such as punched or perforated sheets), expanded metal sheets are environmentally friendly products that are non-polluting and green.


The manufacturing process of expanded metal preserves the integrated property of the metal sheet. In technical terms this an important property that remains intact. When compared with similar products (manufactured by weaving or welding metal wires) this characteristic would be absent.

Anti- Slip

One of the expanded metal types is called “Raised”. In this type, the strands create a unique raised pattern to the metal sheet which reduces the risk of slippage. Due to this characteristic, this type has a great scope of use.

Smooth and Flexible

The “Raised” type and its anti-slipping property can be easily converted into a “Flattened” type. After completing this manufacturing step, the expanded metal would have a flat and smooth surface creating even greater uses for the product.

“Raised” and “Flattened” expanded metal offers a wide variety of shapes and patterns depending on the thickness of the metal sheet chosen and the dimensions of the openings and the width of the strand.


The integration of an expanded metal sheets (an important technical property) increases the electrical and magnetic conductivities. Welding joints or similar products (punched and perforated metal) causes a considerable drop against these flows.

Filtering & Deflection

The physical shape of select expanded mesh is such that allows the passage of air and liquids but prevents movement of other particles. The effectiveness of this property can be achieved to the desired level by creating smaller or larger openings. This characteristic can offer many industrial and non-industrial applications.

Besides air and liquids that can be filtered, expanded metal can be used to deflect sound and light. Airports, railroads and roadways are examples of this application.

Diversity of Raw Materials

One of the attributes of expanded mesh sheets is the possibility of using a wide range of materials for manufacturing the product.

Examples of materials that can be converted to expanded mesh sheets include metal sheets such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and galvanized steel as well as precious metal sheets such as bronze, gold, platinum, and titanium. Polyethylene and plastics are also used as based materials.

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