Company’s policies have been built over many years and are the result of advantageous and valuable experiences. Its policies aim to:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through the identification of their needs and expectations, responding precisely and comprehensively to their demands and most importantly, fulfil the contractual obligations and requirements towards them.
  • Continuously improve its safety, health, and environment through decreasing its relevant risks and by effectively managing its energy consumption and raw materials.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity through training and empowering its employees, appreciating human dignity and individual needs, expanding active employee participation in the decision-making process, and encouraging group development.
  • Continuously improve the products’ quality through follow-up and using up-to-date technology and knowhow.
  • Achieve the maximum share of the domestic market and identify export target markets through the quality promotion and the development of the company’s product range.
  • Promote the company’s brand through the development of marketing and advertising.
  • Increase profit by increasing sales through pricing strategies and managing of costs.

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