Mesh Characteristics

Table 2: Physical and Geometrical Characteristics of Common Product Types


1- Dimensions and sizes in Table 2 is for the primary product i.e. Raised mesh sheet.
2- For the Flattened products, will have two major differences from Table 2 (Physical and Geometrical Characteristics of Common Product Types):

  • Strand thickness will be the same as overall thickness.
  • Depending on other physical properties, the weight per unit area of Flattened mesh can be up to 10% less than the same Raised meshes.

3- The strand thickness size is only for Carbon Steel sheets, the other plates thicknesses are in Table 1.
4- The numbers in table 2 may get a ±10% variation in the production process.
5- The numbers stipulated in table 2 are presented as full general information of expanded metal. It is evident that some industrial metals, all precious metals, and non- metal sheets are considered non-common products and are custom-made. On the other hand, some of these specifications such as strand width can be ably produced in different sizes.
6-Definitions are in the physical specifications section.
7-Abbreviations: CS=Carbon Steel, SS= Stainless Steel, Al= Aluminum, Co= Cooper, Br=Brass, Gal= Galvanized.

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